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 Testimonials from our customers:
 Glamox ASA

"Glamox ASA has for nearly 20 years cooperated with BAIT AS on application development, within light projecting and our extensive sales support systems in use at most Glamox offices around the world.
The applications are developed by Glamox in close cooperation with BAIT AS. We have to a large extent used "Rapid application development"  in our projects to reduce the strain on our own resources. To make a development method like this work, it is required that the supplier understands the customer's needs and how the applications shall function as good as possible in daily use. Openness, trust, creativity and ability to rapidly change is required to work according to this development model.
Our experience from the cooperation with BAIT AS is that these criterias are fulfilled."

Torgeir Lunde
Glamox ASA
Project Manager                                                                                                                                                                             2009-12-04